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Bonsai Temperature

Why Is Temperature Important For Bonsai?
During winter months it is vital that you keep your new indoor bonsai warm -- Not Hot -- but warm, somewhere between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Where your bonsai falls on this guideline depends on where your bonsai is from "originally" and by this I mean where in the world your bonsai is indigenous... the warmer the native climate, the warmer the area in your home it should be located.

How Can Temperature Be Monitored?
The thermostat on the wall is a good place to start. However, a small thermometer can better monitor the actual temperature of the microenvironment that your bonsai tree is located in. Most garden centers will have small thermometers available for a reasonable price and purchasing a couple is a worthwhile investment, especially if your indoor bonsai are located in a couple different areas of your home.

What Is Helpful To Avoid Temperature Fluctuation?
Doors, windows, fans, heating systems and breezy hallways will all affect the actual temperature of a particular area. It is important for the health of your bonsai to be maintained at stable temperature. A sudden drop in temperature, as well as, a sudden spike in temperature can injure your indoor bonsai trees. Indoor bonsai should not be kept near a door that is frequently opened during winter months to avoid harmful cold drafts.

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